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Address: Jana Svermu 25, 974 04 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

e-mail: antigona@antigona.sk

Tel.:  +421 948 522 729

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Antigona is a small grassroot feminist NGO founded in 2009 in Banska Bystrica in Central Slovakia region.




means against

(stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, violence, sexism, homo/transphobia,...)



means gender

(as core concept of our thinking, actions and activities)


o / na

means s/he in Slovakian language

(as our central element who we play with, problematize, re/de/construct)



Our name also refers to Antigoné, the literary heroine of Sophocleses ancient drama.

Antigoné is for us symbol of human rights fighter; she stood against the blind authority of the King - the Father and she sacrified her own life for her beliefs.

We think that contemporary society still needs her kind of sheroes.




Antigona´s mission is to promote the idea of gender equality in different areas of life. Our mission is to be the part of feminist movement and disseminate suitable ideas of feminisms in society. We want to sensitize the public and especially young women and men towards the existing gender inequalities and different forms of discrimination. Through our action and activities we question and fight against existing prejudices and stereotypes which cause the persistence of the masculine domination in our societies. Specifically we focus on problems of young women and men connected with „cult of beauty“, sexism, homo/transphobia, gender stereotypes, gender based violence (all types) that can be very harmful especially during the adolescence. We want to strengthen the awareness to specific problems of young women, transgender persons and homosexuals being rooted in broader social relations not being only “personal” problems.


The empowerment of women in feminist way is very important for us, especially young women; we want to encourage girls, help to increase their self-confidence through our activities, improve their carrier paths in areas which are stereotypical linked with male world and vice versa (science, politics, family care, labour market, gender pay gap), help to destroy their fears. Therefore we promote good women role models from different areas of public life. We focus our activities on youth or we directly invite them to participate on our activities and campaigns; we try to cooperate with talented women in general.


Our feminism is not offensive but radical. We want to create feminism which is playful and humorous, creative and sophisticated at the same time. We try to promote and move academic philosophical feminist ideas to “normal language” mainly through everyday culture, popular culture, music, visual arts, photography, film etc. We try to show feminism(s) as a helpful tool for everyday happy and full life, to suppress the stereotypes by which is feminism as such often linked. We understand the gender intersectional. For us is gender not only about sex but includes social origin, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or education. We are using gender sensitive language as a political standpoint.


We realize our activities mainly in region of Central Slovakia (districts: Banska Bystrica, Zvolen, Žiar nad Hronom) in smaller sizes towns and rural areas. An important part of our activities is on-line campaigning (through Facebook and through our website) where we are able to catch also the broader public. We cooperate with other activists and initiatives in region to make our voices stronger. We “think globally and act locally”; it means we are orienting and inspiring by worldwide feminism(s) but trying to adapt these feminist concepts and activities to our national/regional/local cultural and social context.